iGrafx - Step Up to the Platform and Unleash the Full Power of iGrafx

Collaboration Made Easy

Existing customers - get the benefits of Collaborative Process Management via the iGrafx Platform!

Central Repository
Get critical up-to-date content via web based visual access.

Access Control
Easily customize your corporate access based on your responsibilities/roles and ensure you're getting the right data in the right hands.

Version Management
Keep track of historical version information to easily see the who, why and what of the changes to your processes.

Lifecycle Management, Governance and Compliance
Enable effective document control and team collaboration.

Model your Organization
Leverage your organizational structure to design your documents, assign responsibility and view what you own.

Link Management
Easily keep your document references up-to-date.

Reduce errors and get on the same page with a clearly defined language.

Search and report on the unique aspects of the content in your repository across multiple dimensions.

Take advantage of Collaborative Process Management so your organization can be more productive in developing, documenting, communicating, and managing business process information.

How it Works

Immediate benefits, fast installation, and cost effective.

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Package includes:

  • iGrafx Platform Starter Edition Perpetual License
        Up to 25 Users
  • Installation of the iGrafx Platform Starter Edition
  • Connection of existing iGrafx Clients to iGrafx Platform Starter Edition
  • Training (1/2 Day) via Webinar on using the iGrafx Platform Starter Edition
  • One (1) Year Maintenance on the iGrafx Platform Starter Edition
No hidden fees or complexities.