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October 31, 2013

Enabling Business Innovation and Transformation

Incremental improvement just isn't enough - companies have to innovate and undergo performance transformations to stay in the game.

Don't follow the dinosaurs - ensure survival by getting your organization ready and capable of adapting to change.

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What Ed Says: Extending BPMN to Suit Big Business Objectives
Standards find adoption success by following a tried and true mix of usefulness (complementing and enhancing existing technology), appeal (gotta want to use it or you won't), and popularity (stay with me here and block out your flashbacks to high school).

Fortunately for us, it is with this in mind that the authors of BPMN had the foresight to include the ability to "extend" the standard which would allow additional information to be included for appropriate purposes.

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Why Business Process Management?
Before you can understand how uber important BPM is to your business, you have to first understand what it really is. Pop quiz - what does BPM mean to you? Your answer might be driven by a perspective based on your particular role in the business, but there's a more holistic view and approach that should be applied to ready your business to compete successfully in an intensely competitive landscape.

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We recommend...
The Process Improvement Handbook: A Blueprint for Managing Change and Increasing Organizational Performance
by Tristan Boutros

Looking for a definitive guide to Process Improvement and Operational Excellence? Look no more, friends. Whether you're learning the basics of Process Improvement, planning your first improvement project, or preaching process oriented thinking throughout your organization, process professionals across the board can expect a horse-sized dosage of aid with this read.

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iGrafx Executive Webinar Series

Miss out on some of our wildly popular webinars featuring special guest, Professor Mark von Rosing, Founder of LEAD Frameworks? Don't worry, here's a free pass to get educated at your own pace.

Part 1: Enabling Business Innovation and Transformation
See how a mix of best and leading practice processes can be used to achieve standardization, integration, and cost cutting, while still developing core competitiveness and differentiation.

Part 2: Achieving Cost Reduction through Business Transformation
Discover how a cost-driven strategy to execution approach can mean serious savings for your organization.

Part 3: Strategy to Execution - Aligning the Operating Model
Greatly improve the odds of successfully implementing your strategic plan. See how putting forth a disciplined process made up of connected activities will enable your organization to take that strategy and make it work.

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