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September 27, 2012

iGrafx 2012
Do system upgrades = business derailment in your mind?

Keeping your ERP system up-to-date and thriving may seem like an overwhelming task. The risk of system changes to everyday business operations may invoke the urge to jump from the moving train. Shake off that feeling of catastrophe – this story can end well!

ed-maddock jet race
What Ed Says
If you’ve ever tried to sync a myriad of remote controls to one single master, you might be thinking that the idea of a “Universal Standard” falls square into the myth category.

Are standards for Business Process interchange any different?

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Streamlining Processes and Increasing Profits
These days, defense contractors are under increasing pressure to deliver higher levels of products and services at lower cost. Find out how iGrafx and 4aBetterBusiness help an international aerospace/defense contractor efficiently streamline disparate processes and effectively increase profits.

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The Need for Speed
Did you hear? The new iGrafx PCF Accelerator for Enterprise Modeling is here! This release incorporates the latest APQC version of the Process Classification Framework, providing a basis for jump-starting the creation and benchmarking of your enterprise process architecture. Get ready to focus process improvement on crucial areas of competitive differentiation and leave the competition in the dust.

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Did you catch our last webinar?

Value Stream Mapping, Minus the Paper Cuts

Testing your origami skills by making swans out of sticky notes may help entertain you during value stream mapping sessions, but we’ve got a better use for your time! Take a look at how you can leverage the iGrafx process platform for lean value stream mapping and see how to quickly capture your processes and easily identify and eliminate waste.

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If you’re in the neighborhood…

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SAP Projects 2012 | October 29 - 31, 2012 | Las Vegas, NV

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Breakfast Seminar – The Right Way to Approach Continues Process Improvement | October 19, 2012 | San Francisco, CA

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